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Owner Joseph Sipes

Joseph Sipes (Just call him Joe) was born in Stavanger, Norway as a US Citizen of James, and Sheila Sipes.  His family had moved overseas for his fathers’ career in Exxon International.  Joe also lived in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, and Morristown New Jersey.  Joe’s family was from the Effingham area, and when he became an adult lived in Effingham too.  After struggles finding the right career choice Joe went back to school in 2008 and graduated in 2010 at ITT Technical College with an A.S. Computer Drafting and Design.  Still interested in more went back to study CADCAM Technologies as LakeLand College, in Mattoon IL.  Joe still found design jobs difficult to find, so started working at the Patterson Technology Center.

Patterson was like a 2nd home to Joe as he excelled rapidly there by supporting advanced Digital Radiograph, and CADCAM systems.  Joe was one of the leaders on the team, and spearheaded a new product line of support for 3Shape.  During his time there, Joe felt that there was a need for a Dental Laboratory in the Effingham area.  After years of planning and research he started 3D2LIFE Design Studios, LLC in August of 2018.  

3D2LIFE is now fully operational and was built on the principle that high quality products need to be made, and great service needs to be added to local practices to boost the Effingham Dental Economy, and keep patients from travelling elsewhere for specialty cases.


Mission Statement

3D2LIFE Design Studios, LLC primary purpose is to provide high quality, and high value products for the Dental Prosthetic Market.  It is our mission to not only manufacturer, but assist clinicians in their needs as well.  We will also give back to our community by outreach programs, and supporting local business.  Our ultimate obligations is to ensure your patients health, happiness, and overall well-being is being met with our high end products. 

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