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Digital Impressions

How to get started?

Getting Started with us is easy.  We accept digital, and traditional impressions alike.  Please see the appropriate section for how to get in contact.

Digital Impressions

Send .STL Scan files

  1. Take scans like normal. Export .STL format files.  Please try to avoid naming files after patient for observing HIPAA rules on PHI.
  2. Clean up scan data. For most cases 2-3 mm of Gingiva will suffice.
  3. Fill out RX Form online at https://3d2life.ddxdental.com/
  4. Upload files using our DDX portal. After filling out prescription there is an option to upload files.  Please upload them at this time.  Please include HD photos, and other relevant data.
  5. No further action we should have it all and will begin processing


Send Via Sirona Connect

  1. Add us as a favorite recipient in sirona-connect.com. You must have your Sirona Connect username and password.  Search under 62401 with <5 Mile Radius.  The lab is named 3D2LIFE Design Studios.  Click the plus symbol to add.
  2. Follow Sirona scan and model setup workflow. Select our lab and send the case.
  3. You will get a confirmation that the case has been accepted or rejected. Please use alert system in Sirona connect.


Send Via 3Shape Communicate

  1. Add us as a connection at portal.3shapecommunicate.com. We can be found under email scans@3d2life.com.
  2. Enter order form like normal with the necessary indications. If you have additional comments please include in notes section.  Also, please add any additional photos needed for shade or other purposes.
  3. Follow TRIOS scanning protocol like normal
  4. Send case



In all digital circumstances you will receive multiple emails confirming the case has been created, and any updates.  Please be advised that 3D2LIFE Design Studios has the right to reject digital impressions should they fail to provide the necessary record for restoring the restoration.  It is imperative that you have the necessary records prior to dismissing the patient.   Should you have any questions about what should be recorded, please call 217-500-0335 and I will guide you on what is needed for that case.

Monthly statements will be sent via mail or email, and checks can be made to 3D2LIFE Design Studios.

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