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We took some serious time to decide on what products are best to bring to your practice.  With so many choices on the market today, its really hard to decide on what is best for the patient.  Fear not, as we took the time to setup a listing of our full materials list.  You decide which application works best for your patient, or just call us and ask and we will be happy to advise you based on the situation.

Zirconia ≠ Zirconia

Wait, what?  Not all Zirconium based materials are treated equal.  We investigated this thoroughly to find a easy Zr02 solution for you.  Choosing the right zirconia is based on the situation, and we have an easy spectrum for you to follow.  The spectrum is from High Strength to High Translucency.  We can produce some Zirconia restorations in the same day, but have at least a 3-hour lead-time for proper sintering purposes.  We recommend you allow for our normal 7-day lead-time for best results.

Starting with the Highest Strength we have the Zolid Zi Zirconia from Amann Girrbach.  Their Zirconia when properly sintered can reach 1400 MPA of strength!! This is seriously strong stuff, and great for frameworks, and large objects or where superior strength is needed.  It has high opacity as well to block our any unfavorable stumps or metal copings/abutments.

Next up we have the Zolid HT+.  This material exhibits superior strength while having some translucency to simulate realism.  This material is great for long spanning bridges, Full Reconstruction on implants, or cases where bruxism is a concern.

The Zolid FX Line is our go to Zirconia in most single to 3 unit applications.  Finally a Zirconia that has superior strength to E.max but also has the same translucency capabilities as well.  Rated around 750 MPA it is durable, beautiful and great for just about any application. 

Zolid FX Multilayer This is our most Aesthetically pleasing material available.  The material comes with a layer gradient for natural transition from the incisal to the cervical on most single or up to 3 unit bridges.  This material has about the same strength of E.max and is a great substitute.  If you have patients interested in cosmetic corrections, this is the material to choose.

IPS E.max from Ivoclar

Lithium Disilicate and pressed disilicates have been growing in popularity in the years, and has even become a staple amongst chairside restorative dentistry.  We offer E.max because of its wonderful translucency properties and high strength after crystallization.  This material is fast to finish and can be produced same day.  Contact us today about our same day service.

PMMA – PMMA is a great material that is approved for diagnostic try ins, and temporary situations.  Ask for PMMA if the case appears to be too complex, or may require adjustments due to tipping or other conditions that make reconstructions challenging.  We will work with you and provide a provisional at low cost if they lead to a final prosthetic. 

Lava Ultimate by 3M – We offer this material as a same day solution also for on lays, and inlays and veneers only.  This material is a Nano-ceramic material that is able to be rapidly produced.  See our guidelines on same day crowns, or contact us today.

Ceramill Sintron – Coming soon!  Simply put this material is amazing.  We can mill it just like a wax, and then sinter to produce highly accurate CrCo copings or crowns, or even PFM indications.  Stay tuned as we bring this solution online soon.

Other materials:  If you have a specific material you would like us to produce, please call us and ask.  We really have very few limitations on what we can fabricate, and its just a matter of ordering the material to keep on hand. 

3DPrinted Resins

Our 3D Printed resins are used for models, surgical guides, custom impression trays, sleep apnea devices, and dentures.  Our 3D printer can make just about anything.  We are even expecting 6 month approved temporary material available soon.  See our technology page to know more about our 3D printing, and how it can help you.


At 3D2LIFE we are currently offering a wide range of indications and materials.
Please see the list below for a full list of expected indications







Full Mouth reconstruction

Crown over Abutment

Custom Abutments

Full Denture

Partial Dentures

Sleep Apnea Devices

Custom Impression Trays

3D Printed Study Models

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