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Stain and Characterization

All crowns at 3D2LIFE will be fabricated in the Vita Classical A16 Shade System.  The Crowns depending on material will always have one of the A16 shades applied to the full body of the crown.  Incisal or cusp regions may appear more translucent or grey for a natural look.  When applicable we will polish the crowns, or apply small amounts of glaze on porcelain crowns.  On all Poly based materials we use a UV activated staining solution.  This is ideal for color repair as it can be performed chairside.

Additional Characterization is available upon requests.  Our only request is that you send us appropriate HD Photos, or request our onsite visit for image taking of patients neighboring and opposing dentition.  Please allow for 1 extra day of processing on custom shading, and characterization.

Local Delivery and Pickups

3D2LIFE DS offers local delivery, and pickup for a small fee.  If utilized we will guarantee 3 day turn around on all products.  No added shipping fees with our local service.  Our friendly driver will deliver to your front desk by a pre-determined time or by 5 PM the day it is due for arrival.

Procedural Planning

One of the challenges of multiple surgeries is thinking about the overall picture.  Sometimes planning, especially when it comes to implantology and advanced cases its mandatory to plan ahead.  At 3D2LIFE Design Studios we have all the tools to plan your procedures to provide precision results time and time again.  Update: We now have the latest in Smile Design by integrating facial scans with virtual cosmetic reconstruction.  Our 3Shape and Bellus 3D System will show your patient in 3D what they will look like with their new smile.  Just one of the many amazing technologies we have at 3D2LIFE DS.  Check out our facebook page to see our test run on the owner Joe Sipes.

Same Day Restoration

3D2LIFE Design Studios, LLC offers same day restorative for the Effingham, Altamont, and Teutopolis area.  This service is for those that participate in digital impressions, or impression systems that allow for fast delivery (i.e. scannable impression material, Triple-Tray, etc.) With our super-fast milling machine, we can produce a posterior crown in 21 minutes, and have finished and delivered within 1 hour of receipt of impressions.  This service offers great value to patients with busy lifestyles, or would benefit from immediate replacement.  Feldspathic Ceramics, Lithium Disilicate, and Hybrid Poly/Ceramic materials available for same day.  24 Hour service available for Zirconia based material for best strength/aesthetic results.


Picking the right technology wasn’t hard for me, and that only due to the fact that I had previously worked for Patterson Companies, and was very intimate with all the technology on the market.  It did take some careful planning, and we had to find the right partner to purchase our equipment.  We found that by working with C.A.P. a division of Henry Schein, and Zahn dental we could get the technology we are looking for.


We wanted to make sure we got a lab scanner that could do it all.  After careful searching and some impressive demonstrations, we landed on the 3Shape Novus E3 Scanner.  This scanner can scan impressions directly avoiding a need for the model.  This helps drive down our costs to give you the best prices.  With surface and texture scanning we can even see markups on the doctors wax up model, and use that to help design a product. This scanner is amazing, and is our foundation for getting the impression and data correct.


This is where Amann Girrbach steps in.  The Motion2X by Amann Girrbach is a 5-Axis beast of a mill!  We could not find anything it could not do.  Wet or Dry materials, no problem!  Zirconia, Lithium Disilicate, Acetal Flex materials, Wax, Titanium, and CoCr!!! No limits to what we can fabricate.  CoCr allows will be available at 3D2LIFE at a later date.  This is our backbone machine for crown, and bridge and the details are amazing.

3D Printing

This is where the new era of dentistry comes to you.  With 3D Printing technology we can fabricate study models, surgical guides, dentures, teeth, night guards, and more indications on the way.  We can rapidly produce almost anything in a short time, with incredible accuracy down to 30 ym of detail.  Our digital Denture workflow with our 3D printer can get a set of dentures on a patient in as low as 3 visits.

Design Software

From experience we knew that picking the right software is key to success with both traditional techniques, as well as the digital workflow.  That is why we decided to go with 3Shape Dental Systems software.  This application is powerful, and gives us the freedom to work as we need to.  With a fantastic line of tooth libraries to choose from, plus anatomic tools we can put together a design which not only fits, and functions like it should, but also looks natural and anatomically correct.

We also have the Sirona Inlab Software for Omnicam and Bluecam user convenience and options.  Inlab Software offers auto-design options, and 26 Point bio-generic simulations to provide the perfect design for complex procedures.  Additionally, Sirona has a limited line of items exclusive to their software.  We wanted to ensure we could have access to this to provide this to our customers as well.

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