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At 3D2LIFE we are full on digital, and because of that we certainly have many strengths, and fascinating production techniques.  Here is our line up of indications that we are ready to produce.  If an offering is not listed that you are interested in, please give us a call to see if we can fulfill your needs.

Fixed Applications

Crowns – All crowns are fabricated with the best anatomical fit, and function, and aesthetics in mind.  All crowns are prepared to be in the Vita Classical A16 shade system, and post processed per the material manufacturers recommendations.  Some applications apply for customized stain and characterization.  Some crowns, including PMMA provisionals or 3D printed try ins available same day by request.

Inlays and Onlays – All inlays/onlays are prepared using ceramic, nano-ceramic, or lithium disilicate materials only.  We can prepare this same day on most polish only materials.  Please observe our same day guidelines.

Copings or anatomical Cutbacks – For ceramists our there looking for high durable, high quality copings for ceramic layering, we have you covered.  Soon we will have CrCo copings available soon.  If you are a lab and interested in our copings please give us a call to setup an account.

Implant Crowns – Whether it screw retained, multi-unit structure, or full mouth reconstruction we can help plan and design implant restorative solutions for you.  Pairing with a guided implant device we can ensure the highest success in you implant based case.

Coming soon are custom CrCo Bars for implant indications.  Stay tuned!!

Removable Applications

 Digital Dentures – This is probably our most impressive system we have.  Dentures are becoming more popular as a lower cost restorative solution.  The problem with dentures is they take many clinic visits, and they can be expensive.  Most people do not get their dentures re-aligned for cost purposes only.  We have the ability to 3D Print a denture in lightening fast times, and produce real life looking dentures.  We offer them by the arch, and come as a system.  The system includes a provisional try in, the final denture, and a correction replacement after 1 year.  Denture systems must be planned in advance, and may require a technician to visit your office. 

Sleep apnea devices, and mouth guards.  With our 3shape software and 3D printer we have the ability to 3D print brux guards, or sleep apnea devices to your specifications. 

RPD – Need only a partial denture? No problem we can help provide with a plastic temporary frame, and some denture teeth to go over the top.  Great for replacing large, but not completely edentulous areas in the mouth.  Contact us today for details.

Surgical Guides

We offer the amazing power of implant studio to help you plan, treat, and perform the implant precisely and with minimal invasion.  Plan the whole surgery in advance and we can also simulate the outcome with an HD photo.  Virtually eliminate errors in surgery, and get the optimal placement for the best reconstructive outcome possible.


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