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Traditional Impressions

How to get started?

Getting Started with us is easy.  We accept digital, and traditional impressions alike.  Please see the appropriate section for how to get in contact.


Traditional Impressions

  1. Take Preparation, Antagonist, and bite impression. You may substitute for Triple Tray Impression systems as well.  Please use scannable impression material when possible.
    1. Optional: Pre-preparation impression
    2. Optional: HD Photos
  2. Ensure impression material has reached full maturity
  3. Wrap in plastic bag, and place in cardboard box with appropriate amount of bubble wrap or other packing materials to prevent damage during transport.
  4. Fill out RX Form online at https://3d2life.ddxdental.com/ and include the order number in your shipment. Please do not include patient information that could violate HIPAA laws concerning PHI. Only the order number is needed.
    1. Please include optional Pre-preparation or HD photos in shipment container
    2. Optionally HD photos can be uploaded when creating order in DDX.
  5. Please use the following format when shipping products to us.

3D2LIFE Design Studios, LLC

Order Number

15509 N Lakeview Dr.

Effingham, IL 62401

  1. You will receive an order confirmation and status updates on the case via email.
  2. Cases will be processed in a typical 10 day turn around time to allow for shipment and delivery. Local and surrounding 62401 area code clinics eligible for delivery in 3 days if utilizing our pickup/delivery service at no additional charge.
  3. Remove restoration from box. Please note due to shipping materials it is likely you must sanitize the prosthesis first.  Please follow instructions provided with startup kit.
  4. You will be shipped or emailed a monthly statement. Payment can be made to 3D2LIFE Design Studios


Please note:  At 3D2LIFE We always try to be competitive with pricing.  We remove much of our cost by avoiding stone model work and scan the impressions directly in to our software.  Should the impression material not be suitable for scanning, we may have to pour a stone model which has an additional fee.  If you have any questions on scannable impression material please call 217-500-0335, or contact your material/sundry reseller.

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