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Why Choose 3D2Life Studios



At 3D2LIFE we recognize there are tons of choices out there of how to get restorative prosthesis.  We know there are many other labs that may have similar products.  So, what sets us apart?

Firstly, let’s look at our key concepts

  • Virtual design of Prosthetics
  • Machine Manufacturing
  • Human Touch and finalization
  • Competitive material selection and pricing


Virtual Design of Prosthetics

This concept allows us to design crowns quickly, and get the desired results per the Rx.  Often when crowns are hand crafted from a coping we see irregular results due to variances in material, and technique.  Since all of our prosthetics are design virtually we know what our end result will be and for that it is predictable, and repeatable.  This concept alone guarantees there should be limited to no issues with fit, function, and aesthetics.


3d Printer

Machine Manufacturing

This goes a little with the virtual design.  Since all of our products are either Milled, or 3D printed.  We know the exact dimensions of our design will result in same physical outcome.  This means precision is always high.

3d2life quality check

Human Touch and Finalization

We know our machines and software are very powerful, but they lack 1 particular quality which cannot be replaced.  The human element.  Adding in our own flair, and cosmetic enhancements, plus final check of quality and fit are essential to delivering a high-quality prosthesis.  We take the time to make sure the overall fit is well, we take the time to make sure the shade matches, and will blend in with neighboring anatomy.  Our goal is to deliver high end, beautiful prosthesis that the patient will not even know is a prosthetic.


3d2life materials

Competitive Material Selection, and Pricing

When we researched all the materials on the market we looked at functionality, quality, strength, aesthetics, and of course biocompatibility.  We wanted to make sure all materials we use are FDA approved, and showed positive clinical results in trials and studies.  That is why we never bought into cheaper, low cost products as a sacrifice to get better prices.  We found what is the best value for our customers, with high end results.  Additionally, we have searched to find out what the market prices for prosthesis and feel we have setup fair pricing which should be appealing to all.

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